Sunday, December 18, 2016

How to properly use SEO to drive targeted visitors to Your websites

Marketing your website through search engine optimization (SEO) is more important than the way your website looks and functions. Building a website without a proper search engine optimization strategy is like writing a book without ever publishing it. No one will find it. And no one will buy it. Your website can be a great marketing tool. You may thought of it as just another cost but it was an investment in and of itself. Used correctly, it can become game changer for your business.
Google has radically changed the way we get information and make decisions. Google has become ubiquitous and has even become a verb! Ubiquitous? Let me google that for you!
Search engines like Google help your customers find answers to simple questions, such as the location of the nearest restaurant in the Hudson Valley, or a reliable roofer in Long Island.
By typing certain keywords into Google your customers have access to results arranged in order of importance, or in relevance to the keywords entered. There’s no doubt that Google has made our lives easier. Google drives the internet.

Does Google say you are the best?
If your business is not on page 1 for your area and market then you are throwing away customers and throwing away money.
We can help you dominate the Google search engine so your phone can ring off the hook from tons of new customers.
What is SEO?
SEO stands for search engine optimization. Put simply it is the process of improving the visibility (through higher rankings) of a website, or web page in search engine results. That means you get more traffic to your website, more customers for your business, and a lot more money in the bank. How Do We Work?
The world wide web is not static. The landscape is constantly evolving. Couple that with the many algorithmic updates to search engines, an SEO company cannot continue to rely on last year’s SEO tactics. Many SEO consultants are still using old techniques to service their clients. Hence, the reason why we have to continually perform, Penalty Removal services for clients. Additionally, the Arrow Up team has amazing relationships with the world’s top online web marketers to ensure that we stay on the bleeding edge of SEO and online marketing strategies.
To get started, we conduct a competition analysis for your local area and industry. We’ll research the keywords that your competitors are using to drive customers to their business and away from your business.
We’ll fully explain all of the search engine techno babble into language you can understand.
We’ll show you the way to only outperform but massively dominate your competition.
We’ll use our bleeding edge strategies to drive your website to the top of page 1 so you can get more prospects to your website and more paying customers to your business.Why do we focus on Google?
We focus our search engine optimization and online marketing strategies services on Google because they dominate search traffic on the Internet. Other companies like Yahoo! once owned “search” twenty years ago, but the BIG G has since become the standard that is used by the overwhelming majority of the population. It makes more sense for us to focus our efforts and strategies and efforts on the de-facto leader in search. And as we have found, as your campaigns become successful on Google, we can easily translate that success to Bing and Yahoo!
How do we measure the success of your SEO campaigns?
We are not shy about measuring the impact of SEO on your business and your life. In fact, we take great pride in it. We measure SEO success based on your ability to answer the following:
Does your website move up on Google when searching for specific keywords?
Are you getting more traffic to your website?
Are you generating more sales from your website?Who do we work with?
We work with companies, business owners and professional service firms who want to improve their online presence, rank higher in Google, dominate their market and grow their business.

We typically work with clients that have built their businesses from the ground up. Our clients work hard to provide quality products and services.
We would love to help your company grow and make more money. Before we get started, ask yourself if any of the following are true:
You have always heavily depended on referrals to generate new business.
You know you need to improve your website or online presence but don’t know how or where to start.
You feel overwhelmed by all the digital marketing options available to you like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and so on. You just aren’t sure what to do, so you do nothing.
You’re tired of losing business to your competitors.
Our Ideal Clients
We don’t work with everyone. At my agency, we have learned that our clients are likely to be successful working with us if:
You are willing to invest in your business to achieve the results you want.
You don’t micromanage, and you trust your partners to deliver on their area of expertise.
Being involved in a collaborative process to grow your business is fun and exciting for you.
You have a great reputation.
You have clear goals, and are willing to take action and try new methods.
This free report will jump start you on the way to attracting more customers and making you more money for your business or for your affiliate marketing website. We work with all niches and this includes NSFW niches like webcams or phone sex and have constantly delivered results even for some really hard to rank for keywords!
Let me explain better:
What if you could dominate the Google searches in your market?
And when you are ranking at the top of Google you could attract any customer searching for your product or service. What if you didn’t have to rely on inconsistent referrals to grow your business. You didn’t have to worry about sales. The customers just find you, and would want to hire you because they found you at the top of Google, so you must be the best. And you hit all of your goals and earn more money than you’ve ever made.
Finally, you have the freedom you always imagined when you started your business. You can hire more help. You can offer better salaries. You can leave the office early, no guilt, just because you feel like it. Now you can start checking things off the bucket list. Like finally travelling around the Mediterranean for three weeks…..or taking your family to Fiji. Dominating the search engines can give you this freedom. So get started now. Keep an eye on this blog for our feature posts on how to achieve great yet affordable SEO results and drive quality traffic to your websites.
I look forward to getting to know you.